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Toy yo-yo

Yo-yo is a toy consisting of two disks of the same size and weight, fastened together with an axis, on which the rope is put on by a loop. Many consider him to be silly childish fun, and practically no one even guesses that it can be a weapon. Few people know that this toy is one of the oldest in the world. And many children buy and play with the yo-yo nowadays.


Toy history

The origin of the yo-yo is still a source of debate. The first historical mention of it is found in Greece in 500 BC.

Toy yo-yo appeared in the 16th century in the Philippines as a weapon. Historical evidence suggests that hunters of the XVI century in the Philippines hid in trees with a yo-yo, waiting for the victim. These yo-yos were very heavy. They made it of stones tied together with a long cord. Today, the yo-yo is a very popular toy in the Philippines.

In 1928 Pedro Flores invented yo-yo. He opened the Yo-Yo Manufacturing Company in Santa Barbara, California. Later, Donald F. Duncan bought Yo-Yo Corporation. In honor of his birthday, June 6 became National Yo-Yo Day.

Moreover, on April 12, 1985 yo-yo was first sent to NASA space to study the effect of gravity. The second voyage of yo-yo took place on July 31, 1992.


However, it is difficult to say exactly which country is the historical homeland of yo-yo. Only one thing is clear — yo-yo has not lost its popularity for many centuries and still pleases people all over the world!

Interestingly, Japanese master Shinobu Conmoto made the most expensive yo-yo in the world, Nostalgia. The cost of his work is $5000. Only in order to get the goods, you have to wait six months until they manufactured the model.

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