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Some of these beaches are not very popular as the others.


Australia beaches

Australia is a land of incredible beauty. The state of Victoria in the southeast of the country is the smallest in territory. It is located in the continental part of the state, 200 km from Melbourne and is the most beautiful place of the mysterious and undiscovered Earth. Parks, gardens, magnificent vineyards and foaming sea at the foot of the majestic mountains will conquer the heart of the traveler.

Turkey Beaches

Turkey beaches

Turkey is a popular holiday destination for tourists. One of these is the Oludeniz settlement, located on the south-west coast of Turkey on the Aegean coast. The local sandy bay is famous for its magnificent beaches – some of them are the best in the world.


Mexico beaches

Tulum is located on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, and once served as the main port of the Maya Indians. The city was built around 1200 AD, and, of course, there is no trace of it left. But the primeval nature of Mexico is beautiful here. Tulum is a place with the most beautiful beaches of the world according to all tourist guides.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora beaches

Bora Bora is the second largest island of French Polynesia after Tahiti. The amazing nature of the island has made it a textbook example of a perfect beach holiday — small islands called motu, located in the lagoon of amazing beauty, coral reefs and bright colors. All this makes Bora Bora the pearl of the Pacific Ocean.


Jamaica beaches

The most relaxed and musical point on the world map is Jamaica, constantly living in the reggae rhythm. The famous Jamaican rum and sun-drenched beaches are legend.


Maldives beaches

Maldives – a real dream for tourists who prefer a beach holiday. Here there are all the classic attributes of a paradise holiday: the azure sea, the bright sun, the purest blue ocean, white sand and absolute peace. The resort is perfect for a honeymoon. The villas and bungalows near azure waters are the best honeymoon’s signs.