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Video games

Video games have become the most breakthrough and popular entertainment. People of all ages are interested in this industry.

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Why do pilots say Mayday instend of SOS?

In trouble – send an SOS signal. We knew this rule for hundreds of books and films. But the pilots of airliners say something completely different.

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Phone: How to charge the phone

If you want your smartphone battery to live long, then you have to charge it in the right way. If you follow this advice, your phone will work longer!

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Miracast: How to enable Miracast in Windows 10

Miracast is one of the technologies for wirelessly transmitting images and sound to a TV or monitor. It is easy to use and supported by many devices.

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How to check the smartphones on originality?

The problem of fake and non-original smartphones is relevant and requires the attention of potential buyers. Today it became difficult to recognize them.

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