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Smile benefits

It’s so easy to smile and so many doors can be opened with positive emotions.

A smile strengthens the immune system.

Yes, it can strengthen not only mental, but also physical health of a person. When we smile, our body becomes more relaxed, which is very useful for the whole organism.

Smiling is contagious. If someone near you smiles, you also want. This is not just an observation – it is a conclusion made by scientists from Sweden.

A smile reduces stress. Surely! What can be opposed to stress? Only our optimism and faith in a brighter future.

A smile is a universal sign of happiness. When we meet, we are smiling, because we feel a little happier. Also, we show others our disposition towards them. For all nations, it is a sign of good mood and positive attitude.

At work, we smile less. At present, a person smiles less at work than at home (28% versus 30%). This is sad, isn’t it? By the way, there is an excellent way out of this situation – work at home.

A smile helps us get promotions. “Smiling! The chef loves idiots!” This saying is rather rude, but it very accurately defines the use of this in the process of career advancement.

Smiling is the most recognizable facial expression. In our century (thanks to the United States) of high technology and (thanks to Japan) developing robotics, the androids are taught to communicate with living people. And the ice cream machines only give ice cream after a broad smiling to the camera.

Women smile more often than men. No comments.

Smiling is more attractive than great makeup. The study found that 69% of men found attractive those women who smiled, and not those who were wearing makeup from a fashion stylist. Almost everybody like smiling.

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