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Roads painted in blue in Qatar

There are many strange things in the world. The government usually does a large part of such things. In some cases, they are very funny. While in others they turn out to be really useful. For example, in Qatar, the roads are painted in blue.

Roads in blue

The decision to paint the asphalt blue is not a corruption of the Qatar government. It is for reducing the temperature of the asphalt. Even children know that the asphalt in summer is very hot under the sunlight. And it is because of its black color. Black attracts and radiates heat.

The specialists think that blue color will low the temperature of the road surface. On average, the temperature of the asphalt pavement is 20-25 degrees Celsius higher than in the environment.


And this is a problem. First, heat is dangerous in itself. Secondly, constant heating in the summer accelerates the destruction of the road surface. Thirdly, heated asphalt loses its qualities and can be dangerous for cars.


They try to solve this problem with the help of blue paint in Qatar. Eengineer Saad al-Doseri in collaboration with a Japanese company proposed this project. In addition, he pointed out that the blue paint maintains its colour for a long time without being affected by the wheels, resulting in a long-life pavement. Now they paint the roads in blue only as an experiment.

For this, they painted the Abdullah Bin Jassim  Street near Souq Waqifa in the city of Doha (the capital of Qatar). The road was painted blue. Monitoring of asphalt temperature will be carried out for 1.5 years. If blue paint really helps to reduce the temperature in the sun, then the technology will begin to be used throughout the country.

In addition, the blue colour provides the street with a unique and different shape. The blue road is one of the most important tourist attractions in the country.

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