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Paris – France

Paris France

The capital city of France. In psychiatry, there is a special type of disorder – “Paris syndrome”. So called depression, provoked by the discrepancy between the ideal image of the city, drawn in films and books, with real places. Especially often this syndrome occurs in Japanese tourists. By the way, the most visited sight of the capital is not the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, but Disneyland!

Mon Saint Michel


The most famous sight of France after the Eiffel Tower. Not so long ago, the Benedictine abbey, located on the top of a lonely cliff, could only be visited at low tide. Because the rest of the time the rock turned into an island. Meanwhile, each year, approximately three million people visit this panoramic place at an altitude of 155 meters with squally winds and breathtaking landscapes of Normandy and Brittany.


Chambord France

The pearl of the French Renaissance, Chambord is the most majestic castle of the Loire Valley and one of the largest in Europe. Despite the fact that it was never completed. King Francis I Valois, patron saint of Leonardo da Vinci, ordered to build this castle. The castle has 426 rooms, 77 stairs and 282 fireplaces.

Lake Geneva

Genova France

The famous Lake Geneva is not entirely owned by the Swiss. Most of its southern coastline is French. The most popular place is Evian. It is famous for its mineral water that flows from the tap directly on the street. Other attractions include the famous Evian Resort with one of the best spas in the world, the country house of the Lumiere brothers, the ancient castle of Fonbonne, the Pre-Querier Garden and the way to the mountain Shabla.


Grasse France

The capital of the spirits and the most fragrant city on the Azure coast. A special aesthetic pleasure is the legendary lavender fields.

Lyon – France

Lyon France

The second most important city in France. It is the birthplace of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Here the Lumiere brothers were filming “Workers leaving the factory”. Every year in December, a grand celebration of light is held in Lyon.


Strasbourg France

Strasbourg is not only the central city, bordering Germany with the Alsace region, but also the officially registered “capital of Christmas”. On the eve of the holiday, this city turns into a living illustration of the tales of Charles Perrault. It is tempting to spend a fortune on Christmas toys.


Chamant France

The oldest ski resort in France and the place of the first Olympic Winter Games in history. White Valley lies at an altitude of 2000 meters, and on its slopes there are about 70 trails of varying degrees of difficulty. Even if you do not go skiing and do not mountaineering, at least once you climb this height to capture these crazy views forever in memory.


Versailles France

If you are a hopeless romantic and are looking for the perfect fairytale castle with labyrinth gardens, you will hopelessly fall in love with Versailles.

Dune of Pilat

Pilat France

The snow-white dune in the south-west of France is considered the largest in Europe. It is stretching along the coast for three kilometers. Sand hills surround the Atlantic Ocean and century-old pines and are more than eight thousand years. By the way, it is from this coast that excursions are sent to the village of Fort Boyard prison fortress. By the way which became famous for the shooting of the adventure television show.