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Phone: How to charge the phone

If you want your phone battery to live long, then you have to charge it in the right way.
Batteries, like people, respond to constant stress — reduced life expectancy.

When you charged your phone battery fully, do not keep it plugged in.

It is harmful for the battery. After your smartphone reaches 100% charge, it starts to be in stressed state.

Better not to charge the phone to 100%

The fact is that at the last stage the battery is charged with high voltage, which is harmful to it. Also, try not to discharge the smartphone to zero.

Charge at every opportunity

This will not only prolong the life of the smartphone battery, but also lead to the fact that you will always have a charged phone on hand. For example, you can charge in the car, at work. In addition, this mode will allow carefree use of features that  otherwise you have to turn off to save battery life.

Experts believe that to maximize the battery life is possible, keeping the charge level between 40 and 80 percent — this is how the operation will be most effective.


Watch the temperature

The optimum temperature is very important for the operation of the smartphone battery. Because of strong heat or cold, the battery is quickly discharged. Even it can fail at all from overheating or over cooling. Therefore, you need to make sure that in the summer the smartphone does not stay in the sun or, even worse, in the car. In winter, you should also make sure that the battery does not over cool.

In any case, worrying too much about how to charge the battery is not worth it. They don’t design the batteries for too long time. However, if you follow this advice, your smartphone will work longer and better!

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