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Brothers McDonald

The story of McDonald’s began in the California city of San Bernardino. Where the Great Depression brought the McDonald brothers Richard and Maurice (they are Dick and Mack). They worked in Hollywood as a fitter of scenery and made a capital.
After that young people opened a small cinema hall.

The idea did not have financial success, and in the mid-1940’s the brothers built a snack bar for motorists by the road. And, as specialists in decor, for attractiveness, they installed gold arches illuminated with neon on the roof. Later it became one of the most recognizable commercial symbols in the world.

The diner was like a diner, not better than others. However, the place was lively. And soon the McDonald’s brought a turnover of up to $ 200 thousand a year – for those times the amount was big. Looking at the cars driving up to the institution, the brothers realized: you can put the business on stream – according to the principle of the conveyor invented by Ford.

McDonald’s Development

They closed the cafe for three months and began to implement the idea of ​​fast food. They fitted the kitchen with stainless steel equipment. And placed it in such a way that a production line was obtained with a clear sequence of operations, where each employee performs the most basic operations.

They reduce the menu to a minimum, retaining only 11 out of 25 items: a hamburger, a cheeseburger, three types of soft drinks, milk, coffee, potato chips, pies, french fries and milkshakes. And entered self-service. Due to this, they could reduce the price of hamburgers from 30 to 15 cents.

The company, which was opened in December 1948, has a huge success: in two years the profit doubled. However, the financial potential of their ideas McDonald could not dispose of properly. Of course, they understood that it would be nice to start selling a franchise. But their ambitions were completely satisfied with the already available incomes. Completely different person made nowadays McDonald’s with its current form.

Ray Kroc

Ray Kroc started to work with brothers and in early March 1955, Kroc founded McDonald’s Systems Inc. 5 years later he renamed it McDonald’s Corporation. On April 15, 1955, Kroc opened McDonald’s first restaurant in Des Plains, Illinois. After that, the restaurants with golden arches above the roof began to multiply like rabbits.

In 2005, the McDonald’s premium class restaurant he opened in Chicago for its 50th anniversary. Golden arches from the logo turned into bearing structures.

McDonald’s broke many records. Both by the growth rate. And by the number of employees. And by the attendance of restaurants.

McDonald’s set one of the records in 1990 in Moscow: on the day of the opening of the first American restaurant in the USSR at McDonald’s, they fed and watered 30 thousand visitors. Two years later, the record fell: the opening of the first McDonald’s in Beijing came to 40 thousand people.